• Frozen into shatter packs at sea

  • Boneless, Skinless

  • 100% Alaskan Cod

Long-Line Caught

All of our products are harvested using a hook & line method. This method protects the environment by only targeting specific species keeping the ocean floor in its original state. With the fish coming on board one at a time, we are able to produce a higher quality fish with minimal bruising.

frozen at sea

Fresh fish has a stigma of being a very high-quality product, when in reality it is the exact opposite. The freezing process pauses cellular degradation, resulting in a fresher, and more delicious fish. Many so called “fresh” fillets have been in grocery seafood displays for at least 8 days and can take 1-2 weeks before arriving at the retail location.

Humane Harvest

Humane Harvest includes Our Humane Harvest caught fish are brought onboard the Blue North through its Moon Pool, and immediately stunned prior to processing. This ethical harvesting practice eliminates the need to gaff and suffocate the fish, resulting in a product that is tastier, healthier, and more responsible than traditionally harvested fish.

16-32 oz

14-16 oz

8-16 oz

#2 Mix