Our Process


The Bristol Wave Way

When fish are harvested with hooks and lines, they are brought on the vessel one at a time while they are still alive. This method prevents compression damage and allows each fish to be bled when the heart is still pumping. The result is a whiter and firmer fillet. Additionally, longlining is very selective. This enables fisherman to target specific species and allows unwanted fish to be released back into the ocean while they are still alive.

With other fishing methods such as trawling, over 50 metric tons of fish can be brought on the boat at the same time. This can result in severe compression damage and poor bleeding. Additionally, trawling is not a very selective form of fishing. It is much more difficult to target specific species with trawl gear. This results in higher levels of bycatch and lower survival rates compared to longlining.




We bring fish on board one at a time—carefully handling each fish individually, leaving little or no bruising. They are flash frozen within a short period to guarantee absolute freshness of the highest quality.


We catch every fish one at a time, with a hook, using a sustainable method called longlining

The hooks are baited

As the ground line goes out, each hook is automatically baited before it is sent overboard.

Lines are left in the water to soak

The baited hooks sit in the water attracting our target fish, typically for about 6 hours.

Fish are carefully brought onboard

Each fish is hauled onto the vessel one at a time to ensure careful handling and maximum quality.


The fish are cut in accordance with their assigned end product and thoroughly rinsed. They are then sorted and grouped by size to be frozen into blocks.

Frozen at Sea

Fish are processed and frozen quickly after coming onboard, ensuring that they maintain their peak quality and freshness.

Frozen vs. Fresh

The term “fresh fish” conjures a romantic image of fish pulled out of the sea and delivered directly to the fish market. While that order of events is true, the time that it takes those fish to travel from the fishing grounds to your local market yields a dramatic decrease in quality.

Our fish is flash frozen on our boats right after being pulled from the ocean, allowing it to retain its peak quality, texture, and taste from the time it is caught to the moment it is finally enjoyed.

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