• Frozen at sea

  • Approximate Net Weight 23 kg

  • Packaged in a polypropylene/paper bag

Long-Line Caught

All of our products are harvested using a hook & line method. This method protects the environment by only targeting specific species keeping the ocean floor in its original state. With the fish coming on board one at a time, we are able to produce a higher quality fish with minimal bruising.

frozen at sea

Fresh fish has a stigma of being a very high-quality product, when in reality it is the exact opposite. The freezing process pauses cellular degradation, resulting in a fresher, and more delicious fish. Many so called “fresh” fillets have been in grocery seafood displays for at least 8 days and can take 1-2 weeks before arriving at the retail location.

Headed & gutted

Heads and guts removed.

+13 lbs

9-13 lbs

8-9 lbs

#2 +8 Mixed